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contoh surat lamaran kerja

Bogor, February 12,2011
Subject: Job Application
Contoh surat lamaran kerja

Human Resources Manager
PT. Telkom Indonesia
Jl. padjajaran,no 25

Bpk. Bambang Santoso, an assistant editor at PT. Telkom Indonesia, inform meabout the plan to develop the Ministry of Finance PT. Hand's Parmantindo.
In connection with this matter, let me ask myself (apply for a job) to join thedevelopment plan of PT. Hand's Parmantindo.
About myself, can I explain as follows:
Name                                      :
Place & date. Born          :
End of Education                    : 
Address                                   : 
Telephone, mobile, e-mail      : 
Marital Status                          : 
 Currently I am working at PT. Singo flamboyant Earth, as a staff accounting andtaxation, with the main focus of work in the fields of finance and taxation.
For your consideration, I enclose:
1. Curriculum Vitae.
2. Photocopy of diploma S-1.
3. Photocopy of certificate courses / training.
4. Recent photograph.
I hope to be given a chance interview, and can explain more in depth about myself. Asimplied in the resume (curriculum vitae), I have the educational background, experience, potential and a hard worker.
So I have to say. Thank you for your attention.


Princess Florence

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